this is still the best story ever told at a talk show

clifachu22 asked:

I rather enjoyed and love your feeling curvy nude photo!! you're so beautiful! I love following you because you inspire me!!

Thank you! :D When are you going to paint that picture of me? Just kidding. :P

Anonymous asked:

you're so fat it actually makes me laugh, do not post nude pictures of yourself I've nearly just been sick. Get back in the ocean you fucking whale.

My fat and I thank you.

Fuck you, fool. Anything I post of myself is automatically going to be 100% more beautiful then you’ll ever be. Someone who takes the time to message someone to belittle and discriminate them makes them uglier than any harmless, soft, squishy, amazing-to-squeeze fat roll. And I actually feel sorry for you for not having a fulfilling life and you now have to waste your shitty time spreading hurtful things to people who have probably never said one word to you. Honestly, this is probably just you trying to extinguish the hate you feel for yourself and your shitty life.      

This is my tumblr, and I’m sure your perfectly capable of hitting the unfollow button if you can’t handle the amazing curves I have to offer. It’s super easy and would’ve taken a lot less time then writing out this ridiculous message. I hope you’re able to make peace with yourself, anon, and I hope the bad karma you accumulate for being such a shitty person doesn’t fuck you up too bad.   

And obviously you’ve never seen a whale. They are magical creatures that bless the ocean with their amazingness.

Anonymous asked:

one of your followers who's got a huge crush on you, but too shy to come off anon xD PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add me on skypeee. I'm waiting princesss <3 my skype name is littlebigmuff

I don’t even have skype. If I did, I wouldn’t want to add you unless I knew you! XP Please come off anonnnn! Pweeeeease.